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Cyncly is looking for six sponsors for our design contest, running April 11 to May 15, 2023. Partner with us to grow this contest and reach all corners of the world.
2020, a Cyncly company, has coordinated 17 successful contests over the last seven years with thousands of designers participating.
Deadline to confirm sponsorship: March 13, 2023.
Cyncly Global Inspiration Contest

Benefits of sponsorship

Sponsorship cost

$2000 USD*

*Converted to your local currency

Contest details:

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Available Sponsorships

We are looking for one sponsor in each region:

  • North America – 2020 Design Live, 2020 Office
  • UK – Winner, Virtual Worlds
  • France – Winner, Innoplus, SimpliPlan
  • Germany – Winner, Innoplus, M3B
  • Spain – Winner, Innoplus, SimpliPlan
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Sponsored Prizes

Which prizes are available to sponsor?

  • Best overall design
  • Most innovative design
  • Trendiest design
  • Top inspirational design
  • Most sustainable design
  • Most flexible design
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